T’is the Season for Family Fun Time

Regardless of “season” there is a fine line between work and play – balance is a key. Something else is even more important…

Elvis’ motto, TCB, taking care of business served to focus him effectively in many ways. Arguably, he might have benefited from a more comprehensive understanding of what “business” meant to him…

Take care of business – those things that must be done daily, weekly, monthly, etc. – to enjoy life’s pleasures. All too often, rather than equally distributed, most of our values land on one end of the spectrum, or the other, which causes imbalance, which causes stress. In addition to its effect on our body, relationships with those we love and care most for suffer – no one has fun!

Taking care of business in a balanced way, absolutely includes earning income, having fun, and much more than earning income and more than having fun. To know what is most important in your life – what is your business – learn your “values“. Not “carved in stone”, when you know what you value most you can then modify, adapt or reinvent them to match what you consciously want, intend and/or wish for. Life Change Coaching program helps you know what it is you value most and align them to what you most want.

Happy, joyous holidays!