Tribute to Soulmate Love

Dedicated to Alex and Carmen; their beautiful marriage is a testimonial to the ability of soulmate love to weather “for better or worse” and grow in strength because of the difficult as well as the good times – “‘til death do us part.”

Fifteen years ago, I was single, lonely with “divorced, failed marriage, baggage”. Lots of it!

For my birthday that year, I treated myself to a retreat to learn how to attract my soulmate – to find the love of my life. The process was simple; however, the insights that followed, while unexpected, in hindsight were a necessary part of the preparation to more than receive, but also to keep, the love I craved. One year later, in a truly magical and memorable moment, I recognized my soulmate.

Attracting your soulmate is a life long journey, not an event – so is “keeping” them attracted!

The good news is: successful soulmate relationships continuously attract each other!

The better news is: attracting your soulmate can be an ADVENTURE, FUN and FULFILLING – like a life-long date!

The best news is: loving your soulmate can be HEALING!

Soulmates are in our life to surface and expose wounds that we can then choose to heal. Who knows better than a soulmate which buttons to push that make you smile and laugh or cry and fume? Sadly, divorce statistics reveal that few people understand and work with the process.

Everybody makes mistakes but not everybody allows mistakes to destroy. Fortunately some rise above the experience and more than survive, actually thrive because of adversity. Alex and Carmen’s marriage was a rare, beautiful exception that demonstrated how mistakes leading to wisdom and forgiveness forge a stronger bond and lasting love.

To experience the joy and rewards of a win/win present moment soulmate relationship.

Click Here and I will give you the step-by-step process that I used to attract my soulmate. What works for me can work for you too! Act now and you will also receive the opportunity to learn the rules and access tools that lay a firm foundation for love that lasts beyond the honeymoon.