Togetherness – The Healthy Alternative

There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread.~ Mother Theresa

Studies prove that married couples live longer than single people… why is that?

Maybe a better statement might be that lonely people have a shorter life expectancy than people with fulfilling relationships. In short, loneliness, not only makes people miserable, loneliness suppresses the immune system and increases susceptibility to illness.

Good news! There is a cure for what ails lonely hearts and health, AND it adds years to their life! A Soulmate Relationship!

It is important, however, that the time spent in a Soulmate relationship be fulfilling and rewarding – lonely in a relationship could be even worse than single and lonely! So, how do you make sure that the relationship you attract is ideal?

Simple: Life Change the App and its 4 in 1 exercises help you identify what ideal means to you – using the always free app, Soulmate Attracter – then, (& this is the biggie) the 3 in-app purchase apps (Belief Change, Karma Change & Emotion Transformer) help you remove blocks and barriers to attracting and enjoying the love of your life. 4 apps in 1, Life Change the App is a free download in the Apple App Store and Android’s Google Play[hilight color=”FFFF00″]the 3 in-app purchases (Belief Change, Karma Change & Emotion Transformer) are on sale $6.99 for all 3, now until midnight on Valentine’s Day[/hilight], then will return to $6.99 & $7.99 each. Soulmate Attracter app is always free and can be used and reused unlimited times. For more information, please check out

Simple, however, is not always easy. For those who need or wish for additional support or accelerated results there is the Life Change Coaching Program. Check it out here.



Singing hearts attract things to sing about

Does your heart sing with joy or melancholy?

If your answer is “joy“; then, you clearly notice more “good” things in your experience.

If your answer is “melancholy” (or sadness, or anger, or despair, etc); then, you clearly notice more “bad” things in your experience.

Both exist in your experience simultaneously. Whether your focus is on “good” or “bad”, is a choice, and typically an unconscious “habit”.

As you might know, because of deeply entrenched neural pathways, hidden in your unconscious mind, habits are not easy to “break”; but, with persistent right effort, absolutely can be. Life Change Coaching Program* leverages trained Facilitators, Life Change the App* and other “exercises” to help you break habits that hold you back and prevent you from seeing, feeling, enjoying the “good” in your life. With help*, you, too, can be singing through the holidays and on through the New Year.

Wishing you a joyous holiday!

*NOT intended to replace professional medical or psychological treatment.
singing hearts

I’m dreaming…

Have you ever heard the saying, “be careful what you ask for ‘cuz you just might get it”?

“Dreaming”, “asking” for what you want, even “wishing” are powerful tools to get what you want. Many of us, however, are unclear, insufficiently specific, and vague leaving a huge void that the Universe fills in with anything close to what we “asked” for; then, we groan, “it didn’t work”.

The Law of Attraction does work, every time; what’s buried in our unconscious mind, and.or lack of clarity, are blocks that repel or sabotage our ability to attract and enjoy what our conscious mind longs to experience. Life Change The App contains 4 apps that help the user remove blocks and saboteur energy.

Happy holidays!
im dreaming

I believe in MAGIC!

Sometimes, all we need is child-like faith. willingness to reach out, explore and define the world around us – the way we WANT it to be. ‘Tis the season to BELIEVE!

I believe in “magic”, but not in “magical thinking”. “Magic” lies in “commitment” to be, do or have what you “want”.

“At the moment of commitment the entire Universe conspires to assist you.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Happy holidays 🙂
i believe in magic

Roslita’s Story – How She Attracted Her Soul Mate

Bikram’s Yoga is an intense experience, as much or more mental than it is physical. One evening following a seemingly typical class, I met the lovely Roslita. Our eyes met across the locker room; I could see that hers were red, puffy and it did not take much for the tears to flow. She came over, introduced herself and asked if she could talk with me; she said that she sensed I could help. Her heart was breaking – her Soul Mate relationship ended; yet, subsequent brief interludes and conversations revived her hope then sent her back into a downward spiral when reality returned. When I met Roslita, confused and deep in despair, she struggled to move through the daily motions of work, exercise and motherhood – everything had become more effort than she imagined she had strength or energy to continue. She needed help, she needed hope and she needed A Way Back into Love.

We spoke by phone several times, emailed and met as she worked through the 5-step Attraction Process that transforms pain into a powerful attracting energy for what she really wants in a Soul Mate relationship. Once we identified what she wanted and asked God to provide her ideal Soul Mate, we then worked on clearing the emotional blocks that could actually prevent her either attracting or enjoying a Soul Mate experience.

Committed and dedicated to produce maximum results, Roslita diligently updated and worked her journal with her list and stems; all her efforts were rewarded! It was rewarding for me to witness her ah-ha moments as she uncovered barrier and limiting beliefs that affected not only her Soul Mate relationships but also with her mother and she could see how this blocked energy passed on generationally to her own daughter. Roslita told me she felt years of burdens lifted as a result of clearing her blocked energy and renewed confidence that not only did she deserve a loving Soul Mate relationship, it was her destiny!

When I met Roslita she felt that all hope for a loving Soul Mate relationship disappeared with Mr. Perfect; but working through the 5-step process and then exploring her beliefs about Soul Mate relationships removed barrier energy which cleared the path for Mr. Right to sweep her off her feet. She is now happily married to the Soul Mate she really wanted.

The same processes that worked for Roslita can work for you too. If you long for a Soul Mate relationship but are haunted by pain and sorrow of past traumatic experiences – your own or someone else’s – then the 5-Step process and Belief Change work can help you find your way back into love where you, too, will be singing At Last My Love Has Come Along.


Check out the 5-Step Process that started Roslita on the path to singing At Last My Love has Come Along…

And to the Belief Change work that removed her love blocks…

I look forward to hearing your success story! Namaste,

janet lee

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A Gift for You: Jump Start Your Soul Mate Attraction

Today is your lucky day! I have a gift for you – a step-by-step mini e-course that holds your hand through the “ask” process. It takes very little of your time and yet accelerates your time to attraction exponentially – GUARANTEED.

· You will identify exactly what you want for your ideal soul mate relationship.

· You will literally ask for what you want.

· You will symbolically signal to your mind, God and the Universe that you are ready for the most amazing, exciting, fulfilling and LOVING soul mate in your life NOW!

The first problem most people encounter when longing for the love of their life – their soul mate – is not knowing what to ask for.

The second is, literally, not asking. Oh people are great at announcing their discomfort pain and anguish, complaining but thoughtfully, intelligently and intentionally asking for exactly what you want requires thought, intelligence and intention.

Your gift addresses the first two problems and more.

Please accept your gift by clicking the link to register for the step-by-step exercise that holds your hand through the “ask” process – register now for the complementary e-course titled The Secret Solution.

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You will absolutely, positively accelerate the Law of Attraction’s activation to provide you with your ideal Soul Mate.

How will your life be different when the love of your life is in your life? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

Until next time, Namaste.

janet lee

Belief Change Book

An Ideal Soulmate: She had 2 strikes and everyone thought she had too much baggage…

…and frankly, she agreed.

“Shell shocked” or “gun shy” she would have given up on love except that she was genuinely hungry for a soulmate relationship. She believed with all her heart and soul that he was out there somewhere and longed to find love. Companionship, intimacy and a loving confidant were like that illusive carrot dangling from a string before her that she just never could quite reach UNTIL she discovered The Secret Solution.

The Zuk Paradox states that  anytime a goal, intention or even a wish is set – everything that opposes it will come to the surface. Why? For reconciliation!

The Secret Solution is a proven, step-by-step process to recognize, acknowledge and neutralize the opposition to what you want.

The Secret Solution eliminates baggage and clears the energy field so that The Law of Attraction draws in a desirable, rewarding and fulfilling soulmate relationship. Equally important is that The Secret Solution teaches you how to stay in love beyond the honeymoon.

More than a band-aid or quick-fix, The Secret Solution supports permanent change by empowering participants to clear baggage that limits and blocks success. If you would like to benefit from this revolutionary and transformative program, email: now.

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Blessings, jan