How Worry Can Help You Attract Your Ideal Soulmate

Do you fear that your next relationship will be as bad or worse than your past or present one?

When you think about your parents’ or friends’ relationships does it scare the heck out of you to imagine that you could end up like that?

GREAT NEWS! Then you can use your negative feeling’s energy” to gather, sort and learn what you want and need in an ideal Soulmate relationship.

Life Change – the App contains 4 apps that help you turn your worries, doubts and fears into the best thing that ever happened to you. Soulmate Attractor, a free app, helps you gather, sort and learn. The in-app purchases: Belief Change and Karma Change help you remove blocks and limits to receiving and enjoying what you want and Emotion Transformer helps you transform negative feelings into powerful energy for constructive action. There is help to turn your worries, doubts and fears and that help can be found here in both IOS for Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and Android Devices!

How do you recognize your Ideal Soulmate?

There are 4 C’s that we consciously or unconsciously use to “know” our true love soulmate when he/she “shows up”.

The first, Communication, we discussed in the previous blog.

The second, is “Common Values” – what is most important to you is also important to your Soulmate. How do you know your values?

There is a simple, fun and effective method for identifying what is most important to you – Life Change the App’s Soulmate Attracter exercise.  A free download in the Apple App Store or Android’s Google Play, you could be clear on what’s important to you – your values – and launch the Soulmate Attraction ball rolling in as little as 30 minutes just by completing the exercise in the Soulmate Attracter section of Life Change the App.

Togetherness – The Healthy Alternative

There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread.~ Mother Theresa

Studies prove that married couples live longer than single people… why is that?

Maybe a better statement might be that lonely people have a shorter life expectancy than people with fulfilling relationships. In short, loneliness, not only makes people miserable, loneliness suppresses the immune system and increases susceptibility to illness.

Good news! There is a cure for what ails lonely hearts and health, AND it adds years to their life! A Soulmate Relationship!

It is important, however, that the time spent in a Soulmate relationship be fulfilling and rewarding – lonely in a relationship could be even worse than single and lonely! So, how do you make sure that the relationship you attract is ideal?

Simple: Life Change the App and its 4 in 1 exercises help you identify what ideal means to you – using the always free app, Soulmate Attracter – then, (& this is the biggie) the 3 in-app purchase apps (Belief Change, Karma Change & Emotion Transformer) help you remove blocks and barriers to attracting and enjoying the love of your life. 4 apps in 1, Life Change the App is a free download in the Apple App Store and Android’s Google Play[hilight color=”FFFF00″]the 3 in-app purchases (Belief Change, Karma Change & Emotion Transformer) are on sale $6.99 for all 3, now until midnight on Valentine’s Day[/hilight], then will return to $6.99 & $7.99 each. Soulmate Attracter app is always free and can be used and reused unlimited times. For more information, please check out

Simple, however, is not always easy. For those who need or wish for additional support or accelerated results there is the Life Change Coaching Program. Check it out here.



End Single – Attract Your Ideal Soulmate NOW

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to see and find all the barriers within yourself that you built against it” -Rumi

Remove the barriers and love comes to you effortlessly!

What are the barriers within? How do you remove them?

Barriers are judgments formed as the result of past experiences that form beliefs. These beliefs primarily operate unconsciously, sometimes consciously, to protect you from perceived “harm” – perception shaped by your beliefs.

For example, if you observed many marriages that experience pain of adultery – or if you experienced it personally in your own relationship; you may decide that “marriage equals pain”. Additionally, you may decide that all spouses cheat and, consequently, view all prospective spouses as future cheaters – on you – which equals PAIN! This happens unconsciouslyConsciously, you wish to attract your soulmate – to experience joy of togetherness, intimacy, companionship. This mismatch between conscious and unconscious wants & needs, causes conscious and unconscious in-congruence – misalignment! Your unconscious does “whatever it takes“, energetically, through your thoughts, feelings & actions, to protect you which means either repelling or sabotaging soulmate relationships.

How can you eliminate or transform those limiting, barrier beliefs? Simple:
1) Life Change The App is a free download in Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play. Life Change the App contains one free app (Soulmate Attracter) and three in-app purchases. Belief Change the App – one of the in-app purchases ([hilight color=”FFFF00″]on sale now until midnight Valentine’sDay[/hilight]) – helps the user to remove their superficial, easy to shift beliefs;
2) Belief Change The Book contains a more extensive 10-step exercise that explores and enables how-to change deep rooted, more difficult to shift limiting and barrier beliefs. There is a link, in, to page through a chapter of Belief Change The Book which is available as e-download for B&N nook or’s kindle or for purchase as paperback.

Simple is not always easy; therefore, there is also Life Change Coaching Program to help you succeed in love and success.

Remove your barriers to love, and love flows to you effortlessly, and just in time for a Valentine’s Day celebration.

Cheers! <3
end single

I believe in MAGIC!

Sometimes, all we need is child-like faith. willingness to reach out, explore and define the world around us – the way we WANT it to be. ‘Tis the season to BELIEVE!

I believe in “magic”, but not in “magical thinking”. “Magic” lies in “commitment” to be, do or have what you “want”.

“At the moment of commitment the entire Universe conspires to assist you.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Happy holidays 🙂
i believe in magic

Time Travel to Attract Your Soulmate Now!

My Soulmate and I recognized our attraction and launched our Soulmate journey more than 17 ½ years ago.

Our journey has been filled with amazing, loving and joyous experiences that we, frequently, enjoy reminiscing – many treasured adventures that exceed our personal hopes, dreams and imagination, made pleasurable a million times over because we experienced them together rather than alone. As we walk together down memory lane, reliving our adventures and magic moments it serves to add fuel to the fire of our love and passion – reinforces and strengthens our bond.

Simultaneously, these past 17 ½ years had their fair share of challenges, struggles and growth opportunities that, in hindsight, we give thanks that we survived and now thrive, better because of how we approached, assimilated and broke through their experience. Consequently, one, often overlooked and under-appreciated advantage of a Soulmate relationship is that our Soulmate “pushes our buttons” which exposes our wounds and allows us the opportunity to choose to heal or not. It still surprises me when I hear someone say that if Soulmate love is not easy then it isn’t meant to be – my Soulmate and I are better people today because of the wounds we confronted and healed together.

Fortunately, today there is a smarter, safer, proactive way to expose our wounds, in other words, an alternative to learning the hard way! Learning proactively – in advance of the real life experience – enables intellectually inspired response rather than emotionally driven reaction and allows us to face and battle our demons in a safe, comfortable environment time and place of our choice. Life Change The App is now available for free download in both Apple’s App and Google Play Stores.

Life Change The App contains 4 apps that help the user confront and master life and love’s inevitable challenges. The world renowned Soulmate Attractor App assists the user to turn the lemons from past experience into the seeds of greatness for next time around as you gain clarity and certainty of what you really, truly want to experience.  This popular app targets attracting a Soulmate yet is equally successful and popular for use to attract your ideal job, house, car or pretty much anything you can describe.

Belief Change The App is ideal for those users who effectively identified with clarity and confidence, exactly what they want to experience; yet, feel “stuck”: blocked totally, limited or when you get what you want only to sabotage it, seemingly uncontrollably.

Karma Change The App is ideal for users wishing to reverse bad luck. While Emotion Transformer helps the user translate the message that an emotional response is meant to communicate and turn the destructive, negative experience into powerful, positive energy for constructive action.

Soulmate Attractor App is always a free download at either your Apple App Store or the Google Play Store Right now, for a limited time only, you can purchase Belief Change, Karma Change and Emotion Transformer at the Google Play Store for one low price of $6.99. Act now to acquire tools to help you Attract Your Soulmate now and forever as well as to overcome and master inevitable life and love challenges and obstacles that my Soulmate and I perceive as our labor of love.

Best wishes for your Life and Love Extraordinaire!

janet lee

Life Change – The App

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