Soulmate Love and Karma

Karma: “you reap what you sow” – “you get back what you give out” – “do unto others…

Karma works as well on husbands as it does on wives – truly, ALL relationships.

A powerful yet misunderstood concept, Karma is a powerful tool for creating and living the life of your desires and dreams.

Wisdom erases karmic debt, not magically; rather, at a deep unconscious belief and soul level. In an ah-ha moment, when you learn the lesson it is meant to teach you, you instantly change your thoughts, words and actions. When you change your thoughts, words and actions, everything in your experience changes as a result.

However, learning & making appropriate changes does not necessarily change “consequences” of a deed done before. For example, if you broke a plate, it does not magically come back together. You can make amends, glue it back together and allow the “seams” to remind you that you successfully mastered that lesson!

Life Change the App has a Karma Change App within it that helps you make peace with your Karma and make shifts that enable you to live and love the life of your desires and dreams.
soulmate love and karma