Remove Barriers to Attract Your Soul Mate NOW

Have you ever really, really, really wanted something but then when you got it you didn’t want it so much after all or worse yet, regretted getting it?

When you hear the cliché, “Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it.” What is the first memory that comes to your mind?

Or another one that goes, “Thank God for unanswered prayers!”

Sometimes this happens to help you discover what you like and want by learning what you dislike and do not want.

Other times, however, it is a matter of your unconscious and conscious minds out of alignment. When that happens it is difficult, if not impossible, to get what you consciously want because your unconscious mind puts out an energy that repels instead of attracts what you want. Then, if you do happen to attract what you want… you sabotage the joy and pleasure you were meant to gain.

The good news is that you can interrupt this pattern. Being the wise observer that notices this conflict acting out, you can take action immediately to resolve and align what you want with your beliefs. The Master Mind Cleanse Guidebook contains a simple 3-Step Resolution Process that helps you proactively surface limiting, barrier beliefs that prevent you from getting what you want and sabotaging the good things that come your way.

This is your second lucky day in a row! I have another gift for you – the Master Mind Cleanse Guidebook is yours instantly and free of charge. It takes very little of your time and yet accelerates your time to attraction exponentially.

· You will identify those emotions that either attract or repel your ideal soul mate relationship.

· You will then have the opportunity to literally reframe or neutralize any negative emotional charges that become repelling energy.

· You will shift negatives beliefs into positives, signaling to God and the Universe that you are ready to attract the most amazing, exciting, fulfilling and LOVING soul mate in your life NOW!

Following the globally popular release of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, many people rushed out to create vision boards and ask their magic genie to make the Law of Attraction provide them with their heart’s greatest desire. Unfortunately, not everybody received what they asked for. Instead many people were disappointed, disillusioned and convinced that the Law of Attraction does not work – they thought it was all just a lot of woo-woo hype.

Truth is, just like gravity, the Law of Attraction does work, and it works every time. If the majority of beliefs in your unconscious mind data base convince your EGO that what you want is in some way bad for you… you attract not receiving it! Conversely, if the majority of beliefs agree with your conscious mind that what you want is good for you… you attract what you want quickly and easily.

The Master Mind Cleanse Guidebook helps you discover what beliefs are hidden in your unconscious mind and leads you through how-to align them to your conscious mind’s wants and desires.

Please accept your gift now by clicking here. There is no need to register as you did for yesterday’s complementary e-course. Click and it is yours. Follow its guidelines and you will absolutely, positively accelerate the Law of Attraction to provide you with your ideal Soul Mate. 

How will your life be different when the love of your life is in your life? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

Until next time, Namaste.

janet lee

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