Soulmate Attraction: Jealousy – Gift or Curse?

If you can see it you can be it AND what works for me can work for you too!

On occasion people tell me I am so-o lucky to have a loving, fulfilling soul mate relationship; sometimes those people speak through jealous filters.

The emotion of jealousy can be either a gift or a curse!

The gift: clarity. Joe Vitale, one of the featured speakers in The Secret says Getting clear is truly “The Missing Secret” to making the Law of Attraction work for you all the time.  After all, it isn’t your conscious intentions that are being manifested in your life.  It’s your un-conscious counter-intentions..”

Once you CLEAR out those hidden blocks/beliefs, nothing will stand in the way of your success.
The roadblocks will be gone

When you notice the feeling known as jealousy, the first thing you can do is choose to shout with joy, passion and enthusiasm: “I now have a clue to what I really, really, really want! I’m on the fast track to receiving it now!” You just completed step 1 of the proven 5 step Manifestation Process.

Here is the 5 step process that anyone, yes, even you can easily choose to use and direct jealousy into propelling creative energy to manifest what you want:

1.    Notice the feeling. And do the shouting thing suggested above.

2.    Ask, what exacly is the trigger or cause of that feeling?

3.    Make a Request for: “that or better” comes to me NOW”

4.    Decide:

a.    Typical step 4 is a reactive or even denial approach.

b.    Better step 4 is a proactive approach.

5.    Receive – notice what shows up and give thanks!


Typical step 4 is wait and see then react to whatever comes. It can and does work but often with a lot of bumps and bruises gathered from the school of hard knocks.

Better step 4 knows that everybody has baggage and wants to not only know what is in theirs but to make sure that what is in theirs helps not hurts their efforts. This person also understands success models and actively seeks to leverage proven processes that remove obstacles and barriers. This person wants that helping hand that has been there done that and while may not totally eliminates the bumps and bruises along the way – at least minimizes them and time to manifestation.

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