How-to KNOW Your Ideal Valentine Soulmate

In an earlier blog, I mentioned that there are 4 C’s to successful relationships. The first blogged was COMMUNICATION; the second was COMMON VALUES; the third is COMMON GOALS & INTERESTS…

How many times have you heard, “when the children grew up, we discovered we had nothing in common“? They typically mean that, aside from their children, they no longer have the same interests, no longer want the same things for their outside family time, and no longer have the same goals.

People’s goals and interests inevitably change as they mature, discover new and different things. However, good communication – open, honest, on-going (as opposed to surprise) dialogue – along with common values paves the path to on-going alignment and re-alignment.

Making and keeping your Soulmate, your best friend and partner in life is the result of the first 3 C’s… Check back to learn what is the 4th C to a mutualy fullfilling, love filled Soulmate relationship!

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