How do you mend a broken heart?

Give up on love?
Become better for having the experience?

Exploring your past relationships, learning what you don’t want, to know what you do want, opens your heart and soul to experience an ideal Soulmate Relationship. Taking the time to review and reframe past relationships can open your eyes to “why” you suffered pain and what you can do differently to choose different “next time“. Often, following completion of an exercise that facilitates past relationship review, people actually feel grateful for those people who previously they lamented; then, “forgiveness” and “release” naturally follows – best yet, you are free to love again, better because you are wiser.

Two effective exercises that facilitate resentment into forgiveness can be found in Life Change the App. For additional information regarding Soulmate Attracter – a five queston exercise that explores past relationships, brings closure to the past & activates the opportunity for an ideal future – and Emotion Transformer – a three question exercise that helps you turn negative emotion into powerful positive energy to initiate constructive action – please check out