Holiday Magic

Most of us feel great joy, hope, increased intimacy and pleasure through the holidays. The total sensual experience – sights, sounds, scents, tastes and touch – is what makes the season seem ideal. Twinkling lights; Christmas Carols and tinkling bells; a whiff of cinnamon and cloves; the requirement to indulge in hot chocolate, apple cider, egg nog… all our favorite food and beverages; and what other time of year do people reach out more to connect physically, emotionally and spiritually? I often say “I wish it would last all year.”

New love generates very similar feelings, of great joy, intimacy and pleasure, in the beginning. It seems, however, that familiarity – that the feelings become the “norm” – diminishes and tarnishes the “magic” over time.

With conscious intent, and right action, the magical experience of joy, passion and pleasure continue as long as you intend. This website contains tips and ideas for how to keep Soulmate love alive and magical, well beyond the beginning…
holiday magic