Every day is Valentine’s Day when you love your Soul Mate

Every day is Valentine’s Day when you love your Soul Mate.

“Love,” in this context, is a verb. Verbs imply action; therefore, when you truly love your soul mate you will do those things that demonstrate, speak and show your love for them, every day.

Another way to apply this concept is to act like your relationship a lifelong date. Earn and deserve their love daily. More than candy, flowers and cards, what made your partner smile? What were those warm and fuzzy intimate moments that said, “you are special and important to me?” What else can you think of to make them grateful that you are in their life?

We all seek and yearn for “unconditional love“; sometimes we abuse or misuse it. None of us are perfect; unconditional love carries us through the inevitable mistakes but does not relieve us of our responsibility to be, do and act loveable the majority of the time. Unconditional love enables forgiveness but does not give us license to act like a jerk to the one who loves us most. Steven Covey, in his 7 Habits of Highly Effective People*, correlates this concept to an “emotional bank account”: make more deposits of loving kindness than you do “uh-oh” withdrawals, and your relationship should thrive and fulfill you both.

* https://www.stephencovey.com/

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