Countdown to Valentine’s Day – the 4th “C”

“What we achieve inwardly will change outward reality.” Plutarch

Once we gain clarity and remove barriers and limits, chemistry is inevitable. That moment when you just know, that you just feel that you knowthis is it – and the feeling repeats for many years into the future.

When I was a young girl, I remember hearing that the chemistry aspect of a marriage would wane with time; that did not sound appealing to me. When my husband and I launched our relationship, nearly 18 years ago, we committed to make ours a “life-long date“… That means that daily there is work to be done. Daily we must effort to continue to attract the love of our life into our life; earn the “right” to still deserve each other’s love, in a way. Our daily work is not, however, a begrudged obligation, rather, we see it as a “labor of love” that we enjoy and adds logs to the fire of passion that fuels our chemistry. There is a section in my website that, in addition to these blogs, provides ideas for “How to Bless Your Soulmate” and keep the chemistry alive.

The 4th “C” of a healthy, mutually fulfilling Soulmate relationship, follows communication, common values, common goals & interests in making up the foundation for a lasting, loving IDEAL Soulmate experience. Each have been addressed in previous blogs – scroll down to read more!

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Countdown to Valentine's