Attract Your Soulmate in Time for Chinese Valentine’s Day

Chinese couples celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month, which in 2012 is August 23rd. It is now the 11th of August here in Chengdu, China, and I only see “signs” of the impending celebration of love and Soulmate relationships posted on a signboard near the entrance of Peter’s, a local Tex-Mex restaurant.

It seems appropriate to me that we celebrate this loving occasion on the other side of the planet, on the other side of the calendar; but really, where is the fanfare, commercialization and marketing genius that America’s greeting cards, florists, restaurants and advertisers annually attach to February 14? A single, easily overlooked signboard? Could this be a reflection of the value and worth Chinese culture places on Soulmate relationships? Could it be that Western commercialization hasn’t caught up with Chinese culture? Yet? Could it be that the Chinese couples already place such a high value on Soulmate relationships that most Chinese Soulmates don’t need a special occasion to notify their true love that they are an important and treasured part of Soulmate love and life?

I may never learn the answers to my question nor understand the differences with respect to how Americans treat Valentine’s Day compared to Chinese celebrate Valentine’s Day – it will be fun to observe if Chinese advertisers and marketers get more aggressive and creative as the 23rd approaches.

In the meantime, consider this: what would be different in your Soulmate relationship if you made every day Valentine’s Day? What if it became your personal mission to let the Love of your Life see, feel, hear, experience and know that they are important and treasured every day instead of waiting for the annual reminders? For hints or ideas on how you can successfully accomplish this vitally important mission click here now to visit our website. If your relationship is in need of help or if you are not in a Soulmate relationship at the moment but want to be click here to learn about our powerful Life Change Coaching Program. And for immediate, “real time”, Soulmate relationship help in the palm of your hand… check out our popular “Life Change” iPhone app here then watch here for news about the Android, Windows and Blackberry Apps coming to hand helds, tablets and PC’s near you.

Best wishes for your Life and Love Extraordinaire – make every day Valentines Day with your true love Soulmate NOW!

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