Attract Your Ideal Soulmate

What kind of person must yoube” to attract your “ideal” Soulmate?

Many of us have a pretty good idea of what kind of person we want for our Soulmate, but what kind of person might our “ideal” Soulmate want?

Recently I met a lady who shared her mother-in-law’s experience. Her late husband had been charming, attentive and kind throughout their courting period; then, on their honeymoon, he literally sat her down and informed her that things would be different from that day forward. Apparently, he knew exactly what it took to attract this beautiful soul but only for as long as it took to “hook” her. Being an honorable lady she endured a belligerent, inconsiderate and unkind husband, even nursing him through the illness that ended his life.

While that certainly seems an extreme experience; unfortunately, it is not uncommon, albeit to less obvious degrees. Being “authentic” – true to your values and honoring your Soulmate’s – increases the chances that both partners experience a mutually fulfilling love of a lifetime. It is just good karma!

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