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More than just another peddler of solutions to make the Law of Attraction in Action work, jan gentleman-ingersoll has stepped it up a notch with her answer to disappointment and disillusion many experience following failed attempts to apply and live The Secret (The Law of Attraction)and A New Earth(living “present”).“Nobody is wrong here” she explains; they simply don’t address the gap!”

The ZuK Paradox

Every time you set a goal, intention or even make a wish, any and everything in your unconscious mind that agrees with or disagrees with your goal, intention or wish, comes to the surface to be reconciled and aligned.

“The Law of Attraction works every time and immediately,” she proclaims passionately, “it is most often the mismatch between what we ‘ask for’ and what we ‘believe’ that delays and can block wants and dreams becoming our reality. That,” she explains, “is the Zuk Paradox in action.”

“The paradox,” she continues, “is that blocks, limits and delays are the best thing that could ever happen to those of us with ‘yucky stuff’ hidden from our consciousness. The resistance and obstacles we experience are clues that can lead us to explore pathways into our unconscious mind – to make the unknown, known.From what we learn, we gain the ability to redesign and align the ‘yucky” into ‘useful’ and ‘powerful’ which enables us to not only attract our dreams and wishes but to also keep and enjoy them! Ultimately,” she smiles that I can’t wait to share this with you grin, “Ultimately, reconciliation produces peace while alignment clears the path to receiving what we want.”

Some say the unconscious mind is the frontier of the 21st Century. The great unknown that once explored and developed, enables a modern day pioneer to become the master of their hopes and dreams – the master of their mind. That journey is on your soul’s flight plan! With her passion, commitment and drive to help family, friends and clients to live and love an extraordinary life, you will certainly discover that with the aid of jan’s tools and methods you will soon be launched on the adventure of a lifetime!

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