T’is the Season for Family Fun Time

Regardless of “season” there is a fine line between work and play – balance is a key. Something else is even more important…

Elvis’ motto, TCB, taking care of business served to focus him effectively in many ways. Arguably, he might have benefited from a more comprehensive understanding of what “business” meant to him…

Take care of business – those things that must be done daily, weekly, monthly, etc. – to enjoy life’s pleasures. All too often, rather than equally distributed, most of our values land on one end of the spectrum, or the other, which causes imbalance, which causes stress. In addition to its effect on our body, relationships with those we love and care most for suffer – no one has fun!

Taking care of business in a balanced way, absolutely includes earning income, having fun, and much more than earning income and more than having fun. To know what is most important in your life – what is your business – learn your “values“. Not “carved in stone”, when you know what you value most you can then modify, adapt or reinvent them to match what you consciously want, intend and/or wish for. Life Change Coaching program helps you know what it is you value most and align them to what you most want.

Happy, joyous holidays!

Singing hearts attract things to sing about

Does your heart sing with joy or melancholy?

If your answer is “joy“; then, you clearly notice more “good” things in your experience.

If your answer is “melancholy” (or sadness, or anger, or despair, etc); then, you clearly notice more “bad” things in your experience.

Both exist in your experience simultaneously. Whether your focus is on “good” or “bad”, is a choice, and typically an unconscious “habit”.

As you might know, because of deeply entrenched neural pathways, hidden in your unconscious mind, habits are not easy to “break”; but, with persistent right effort, absolutely can be. Life Change Coaching Program* leverages trained Facilitators, Life Change the App* and other “exercises” to help you break habits that hold you back and prevent you from seeing, feeling, enjoying the “good” in your life. With help*, you, too, can be singing through the holidays and on through the New Year.

Wishing you a joyous holiday!

*NOT intended to replace professional medical or psychological treatment.
singing hearts

I’m dreaming…

Have you ever heard the saying, “be careful what you ask for ‘cuz you just might get it”?

“Dreaming”, “asking” for what you want, even “wishing” are powerful tools to get what you want. Many of us, however, are unclear, insufficiently specific, and vague leaving a huge void that the Universe fills in with anything close to what we “asked” for; then, we groan, “it didn’t work”.

The Law of Attraction does work, every time; what’s buried in our unconscious mind, and.or lack of clarity, are blocks that repel or sabotage our ability to attract and enjoy what our conscious mind longs to experience. Life Change The App contains 4 apps that help the user remove blocks and saboteur energy.

Happy holidays!
im dreaming

Holiday Magic

Most of us feel great joy, hope, increased intimacy and pleasure through the holidays. The total sensual experience – sights, sounds, scents, tastes and touch – is what makes the season seem ideal. Twinkling lights; Christmas Carols and tinkling bells; a whiff of cinnamon and cloves; the requirement to indulge in hot chocolate, apple cider, egg nog… all our favorite food and beverages; and what other time of year do people reach out more to connect physically, emotionally and spiritually? I often say “I wish it would last all year.”

New love generates very similar feelings, of great joy, intimacy and pleasure, in the beginning. It seems, however, that familiarity – that the feelings become the “norm” – diminishes and tarnishes the “magic” over time.

With conscious intent, and right action, the magical experience of joy, passion and pleasure continue as long as you intend. This website contains tips and ideas for how to keep Soulmate love alive and magical, well beyond the beginning…
holiday magic

I believe in MAGIC!

Sometimes, all we need is child-like faith. willingness to reach out, explore and define the world around us – the way we WANT it to be. ‘Tis the season to BELIEVE!

I believe in “magic”, but not in “magical thinking”. “Magic” lies in “commitment” to be, do or have what you “want”.

“At the moment of commitment the entire Universe conspires to assist you.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Happy holidays 🙂
i believe in magic

Soulmate Love and Karma

Karma: “you reap what you sow” – “you get back what you give out” – “do unto others…

Karma works as well on husbands as it does on wives – truly, ALL relationships.

A powerful yet misunderstood concept, Karma is a powerful tool for creating and living the life of your desires and dreams.

Wisdom erases karmic debt, not magically; rather, at a deep unconscious belief and soul level. In an ah-ha moment, when you learn the lesson it is meant to teach you, you instantly change your thoughts, words and actions. When you change your thoughts, words and actions, everything in your experience changes as a result.

However, learning & making appropriate changes does not necessarily change “consequences” of a deed done before. For example, if you broke a plate, it does not magically come back together. You can make amends, glue it back together and allow the “seams” to remind you that you successfully mastered that lesson!

Life Change the App has a Karma Change App within it that helps you make peace with your Karma and make shifts that enable you to live and love the life of your desires and dreams.
soulmate love and karma

For better and worse – Attract Your Ideal Soulmate in good times and not so good

Soulmate love is like a rose: beautiful, smells great and gives us a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Yet, when the veil of new romance drops, the thorns become obvious & often, painful – why, then, would anyone want to be in a Soulmate relationship? Ideally, the “good times” outnumber the “not so good times” and with a little effort, the “not so good times” become fewer and further in between.

What “little effort”, you ask? Just like a rose garden needs nurturing to provide year round beauty; so does your Soulmate relationship. In a “healthy” Soulmate relationship, the thorns expose your “Soul wounds”. This is not to torture you, nor is it a trick of fate; rather, because you now recognize them, you can “heal” them. This requires that 1) you recognize them as your “Soul wound” and not a character flaw in your Soulmate, 2) you choose to heal your “Soul wound” and 3) you know how-to heal your “Soul wound”. Two powerful & effective tools assist healing Soul Wounds:  LifeChangeApp.com* and the Life Change Coaching Program*.

*Not a substitute for professional medical or mental health care.

Love is in the air…

More than any other time of year, holidays bring out the human need to share joy, passion and the good times with that one person who is your favorite companion, best friend and partner in the festivities. Attract your IDEAL Soulmate, now using simple exercises found in the Life Change App or online through the Life Change Coaching program…