And the two shall become as one – True Love Soul Mates

The Law of Attraction, chemistry, and/or hormones, may well bring a couple together; however, it is how that couple uses their brain – to manage their thoughts, feelings, words and actions – that will either keep them together or drive a wedge that separates them. There are no exceptions…

The instant the decision is made to couple, your ever protective Ego, accesses your unconscious mind’s database of every experience, either personal or observed, of true love’s wins and losses. The Ego then presents a case to the conscious mind, either for or against proceeding with this Soul Mate relationship, totally based on the energetic weight of the data or evidence contained in your unconscious mind’s database. If the evidence is weighted predominantly positive, you will eagerly proceed with the Soul Mate relationship. If, however, the evidence is weighted predominantly negative, you will experience worry, doubt and fear that create an auric force field that sabotages and/or repels the Soul Mate relationship that your conscious mind wants.

For example, a client longs for, prays, dreams and visualizes her ideal Soul Mate relationship; yet, having experienced a devastating first marriage break-up, her unconscious is filled with painful memories that, in spite of her best efforts, are unresolved – for the most part, she doesn’t even know they are there. After years of redefining who she is without her spouse, she fears losing her self. In spite of more examples of faithful husbands in her realm of acquaintances, she no longer has confidence that any man she falls in love with would eventually choose to not shatter her heart; and, she continues to attract evidence that she is right in the men she attracts and chooses to date. Disappointment after disappointment adds to the negative evidence in her unconscious mind’s database. She totally feels stuck.

Ego is an effective “prosecutor” and takes its role protecting the innocent very seriously. To win the case and ultimately a fulfilling Soul Mate relationship, our client must choose to become an effective “defense attorney” for her conscious mind’s hopes, wishes and dreams. She must win the trial: discover the prosecution’s negative evidence and counter it with positive evidence.

Our recently released iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch app, Life Change The App available in Apple’s App Store, provides her, and you, with tools to explore your unconscious mind, discover that negative evidence – beliefs that sabotage and defeat you. You will also discover tools to align your conscious and unconscious mind as well as become the master of your emotions instead of their helpless victim.

In the bigger picture of life, this process – we call the Zuk Paradox – was not invented to torture and torment. I am a firm believer that “God does not create junk!” Consequently, there must be a higher purpose served by this unconscious, conscious mind and Ego driven experience; what, I wondered, could be the good to come from what appears to be a pain worse than death – Soul Mate relationship gone bad???

The answer: conscious and unconscious mind agreement or alignment produces peace and a fulfilling, enjoyable life experience in general. In an even grander scheme, conscious and unconscious mind agreement or alignment enables the desirable present moment experience popularly known as the Power of Now. A Soul Mate pushes buttons like few others can and exposes our wounds – a.k.a., negative evidence – hidden in our unconscious mind – so that we can heal the wound – a.k.a., neutralize the negative emotional charge we attached to it the moment we judged it as painful, undesirable… BAD! The purpose of our dearly beloved Soul Mate pushing our buttons, exposing our wounds, is: if you can’t see it you can’t heal it.

In an ideal world, we pick a Soul Mate who will help us resolve our painful beliefs – a complementary Soul Mate willing to go the distance with us. It is possible to attract a Soul Mate who loves you even when you are at your worst, or, in other words, it is conceivable to attract a Soul Mate who loves you through, to the other side, of your ugly fears, nightmares and weaknesses exposed. Our iPhone/iPad app, our coaching program, webinars, books and more are all designed to help you reach that peace that passes all understanding, experiencing the present moment in joy and gratitude, with your ideal True Love Soul Mate!

janet lee

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