Why does love hurt?

True love is a many splendored thing!

and sometimes

love hurts!

Love can you bring you the greatest joy and pleasures;




and comfort!

other times it can be the source of your greatest, pain, sorrow and despair.

Have you ever felt your heart ripped from your chest, trampled, torn into shreds and left defeated, discouraged and beyond belief wounded?

If you answered “yes” then have I got good news for you!

Yes, good news! Have you ever heard that popular saying,

“It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.”

It is true, with a very different spin than the typical.

“I could have missed the pain, but I’d have had to miss The Dance

That energy from your pain and anguish is the very same energy that, when leveraged appropriately, can propel you into the arms of the greatest love imaginable. You are, literally, in a far more powerful position to know true and lasting love than one who has never loved and lost.

Yet another popular saying, “out of the ashes of ruin, the phoenix arises.”

It is our very human condition to discover what we really, truly yearn and long for in life and love through experiencing what we hate, despise and don’t want.

If you are nursing a broken heart or are in the middle of an emotional melt down, the rainbow is in the sky! The promise of true love is near and with the assistance of my 5-step process can be your reality, sooner than hoped or imagined.

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