Life After Marriage – STILL Attract Your True Love Soul Mate

Happy Valentine’s Day

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been asked what the secret is to staying in love after marriage… A quote from a wedding invitation sums it up nicely, “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” Falling in love daily offsets that classic complaint, “I feel taken for granted!”

What was it like when you first fell in love? Remember how it felt when you really wanted your Soul Mate and were not yet convinced they loved you back yet or were “yours”. Remember when you had to work on building a relationship? Remember how you felt when you were just so grateful to sit next to your spouse? When you looked into their eyes? That first hungry kiss? Really take the time to remember special moments, special songs and remember them OFTEN!

But, memories are not enough; you really need to make NEW memories. My Soul Mate and I vowed to make our marriage a “lifelong date”. Every day we “earn” each other’s love and admiration. Every day we work at attracting each other all over again. And, just like Valentine’s Day, that work CAN be fun!

  • What can I do today that will bring a smile to my Soul Mate’s face?
  • What can I do today that makes this day a better experience for my Soul Mate?
  • What might I do today that makes my Soul Mate feel confident that I am the one and only love of their life?
  • What might my Soul Mate need to hear or read or experience…
  • How can I make sure my Soul Mate’s world is a better place because I am in it?

Thinking of ways to bless your Soul Mate is a good start to keeping true love alive, interesting and fun. Remembering what it was like when you were dating or preparing for Valentine’s Day is a great way to come up with the perfect things to do!

But what if time and experiences have caused you to drift apart? Is there no hope? Are there “irreconcilable differences”? What can be done to revive troubled Soul Mate relationships?

Absolutely reliving all those good memories helps; they can give you the reason and motivation to work on your relationship. Reviving feelings and emotions can be a plus too. However, sometimes there have been so many hard feelings built up over years of hurt that it takes more work and effort to revive the love and romance of dating and the celebration of your love. Sometimes it requires breaking down the walls built up between the two of you. Our coaching program at APCD Institute can help you identify those walls and the barrier energy they generate so that you can potentially dissolve and transform them into the energy for a loving, meaningful and fulfilling Soul Mate relationship.

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