Law of Attraction – In Action

Following the globally popular release of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne in 2006 many enthusiastic fans and believers rubbed their magic lamps, created vision boards and gratitude lists only to be disappointed, discouraged and disillusioned, certain that the Law of Attraction was nothing more than magical thinking hype.

So sad because the Law of Attraction, a.k.a. LOA, does work, every time and perfectly – according to a higher plan and perfect order  and for pretty much, any goal or heart’s desire.

One of my favorite stories of the Law of Attraction is one I lived and live; it is the story of how I came to live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

As a child, my siblings and I spent hours on end playing in our make believe monkey jungle. Always fascinated with anything tropical or ocean, my fantasies included palm trees swaying in a sea breeze, underwater adventures and a wide variety of tropical flowers and animals.

I bought and unintentionally killed many plants in an effort to decorate my environment and create my own little jungle.  

In 2005, knowing we would be seeking  a new residence because our lease would complete in early 2006 – I set an intention. That is to say, I wrote a goal that I wanted to move into a condo or townhome, in a tropicalish setting – assuming it would be located in a Dallas suburb – on a greenbelt with at least hibiscus and hopefully a hardy variety of palm trees and song birds to inhabit them and entertain me. I also requested that it be near my husband’s work at Texas Instruments – a.k.a. TI. I requested a few more not so important but desirable amenities and set about locating this ideal setting.

Not only did we not attract our ideal new residence, my mother-in-law came to live with us and needed us to return to our home that is ~60 miles north of my husband’s work to help care for her. It appeared my intention went unanswered.

Imagine my surprise when a year later I learned that, through his work, my husband and I were being transferred to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – the complete opposite side of the planet.

Yet, when we settled into our condo, I realized, once again the Law of Attraction had worked for me on an even grander scale than I could have imagined for us. It was everything on my list in a big way!

  • More than Tropical-ish – instead of a greenbelt, our condo is in a green nation. It really is the jungle!  MOST of the plants are different varieties of palms and hibiscus as well as birds of paradise, bougainvillea, ginger, bamboo, banana trees and countless other bright flowers and the best part is… with the exception of a few on our patio – we don’t have to water or care for them!
  • Many different songbirds sing to us during the day and bull frogs serenade us to sleep at night.
  • When we run we have a choice to run through KLCC park or a neighborhood of ambassadors’ homes; when visiting nearby Bali, we ran through a real “Monkey Forest”!
  • The condo it is upstairs… with a view of the twin towers and it does have a work-out area, swimming pool and hot tub.
  • Instead of 7 miles from TI (like the previous in town residence), it is 7 kilometers
  • And another cute little coincidence, in the US my husband, Tim works at TI but in Malaysia he works at TIM

While I am always amazed and impressed when the LOA brings me a biggie, I am more impressed by the baggage it surfaces for us to choose to unpack and decide what to do with it – the Zuk Paradox mentioned in previous blogs, inevitably kicks in.

The Belief Change Exercise found in the Belief Change – The Book, available at (including on Kindle) and Barnes and is a 10-step proactive activity that enables you to surface barrier and limiting beliefs, in advance, in the privacy of your own home and in a time decided by you. Rather than react, typically emotionally, you have the ability to determine your response in advance of inevitable emotional triggers and shift or transform them to fit your goal’s needs. The Belief Change Exercise increases the chances of attracting your goal and accelerates the attraction process.

I am equally impressed and amazed by the perfection of the order in which it unfolds. We needed and are eternally grateful for that time with my mother-in-law and our children; time that would have been impossible had we moved to Kuala Lumpur one year earlier.

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What is your soul mate story? How did the Law of Attraction join your two hearts? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

Until next time, Namaste.

janet lee

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