Does Your Soulmate Get the Best of You?

I saw the neatest thing today! A lady named Terri, competing for a job as a blogger, wrote my family “gets the best of me, not the leftovers.”

That is profound!

Before marrying, my husband and I agreed to make our marriage a lifelong date. We committed to work at blessing each other every day and to constantly make efforts to continue to attract each other. After many years, we can still fall in love all over again.

A dear friend was so touched by a quote she read from an article about Patrick Swayze’s wife of 34 years, Lisa Niemi that it brought tears to her eyes:  “A relationship survives because of keeping the friendship alive and learning how to fall in love over and over again and never taking the other person for granted and seeing things in a new light with new eyes. We’re big believers in, arguments are okay as long as it’s not about your ego, but it’s about a mutual goal.” 34 years is a very long time in Hollywood. Like every married couple, they had their challenges but made the effort to work through to the good. I suspect my friend was so moved because she and her hubby are among those who fully understand and practice this Secret to attraction. The really good news is these wise words work in all marriages – not just for some of us lucky ones – they contain the Secret to how we make our good fortune our reality.

…and even with the rest of the family. I really liked that Terri of Fort Worth extended lifelong date concept and includes all her family… even after a long date at work… especially when it isn’t easy.

I am reminded of Jesus’ words of wisdom that all the Old Testament law and the Ten Commandments can be summed up into two: “Love the Lord thy God with all your heart, mind and body and love your neighbor as yourself.” (Note: love your neighbor as yourself – not less than nor more than – the same.)

I get it, “Love is all there is…”

What if the people you love most get to experience the best of you?

Your best face, best manners… best you, all the time, every time, every way…

A life of no regrets!


janet lee


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