Attract Your Soulmate

Are you ready to attract your true love soulmate?

Put the law of soulmate attraction to work in your life!

“20 years ago, after another disappointing date, I stood on my stair steps, looked up at the heavens above and asked, “Can’t you do better than this?” Then I stumbled upon this seemingly magical 5-Step Exercise that opened my mind, my heart and my arms to receive the love of my life, into my life. ”
Janet Lee – APCD Institute

Dear Friend,
I believe that you are here for a reason, and that by landing here you are closer to finding your True Love Soul Mate than ever before.

My name is Jan, and it wasn’t long ago that I was walking in your shoes.

I was lonely, and I was hungry for passion, intimacy, and companionship. The pain seemed so deep and pervasive that I often felt like I was the most unlucky girl in the whole world. These feelings were overwhelming and I was losing hope. I kept asking myself “why not me?”

My friends told me that I was attractive, and had a good personality. I definitely attracted many “suitors” or “candidates” for the Soulmate role in my life; yet, they all seemed to be the same old thing in different bodies! I definitely felt stuck!

Then two seperate experiences transformed my luck and the love of my life showed up in my life. Many years later – 17 at the time of this writing – we enjoy passion, intimacy, and companionship that cause many to think we are still newlyweds. In a way they are right because we committed to making our marriage a lifelong date. What worked for me absolutely can and will work for you too if you are willing to invest in the labor of love!

Thanks to the magic of the internet and iPhone/iPad/iPod touch Apps that labor of love is much easier for you than it was for me, and if you add in an experienced, certified Life Change Coach your chance of success is improved and greatly accelerated.

Read below what one lucky coaching client had to say about the Life Change Coaching she received:

“Sobbing uncontrollably with my life turned upside down and my heart shattered, Janet helped me to find the gift in my pain, recover hope, and make peace with my past. I then used what I learned from Jan to attract the love of my life, my sweet sweet David! We have been married for more than a year, and we are so grateful!”
Rosalita – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Are you one of the lucky ones or, like me, one of those people who prefer bypassing the “figure it out stage” & move straight into “getting it done”?

For some fortunate, self-starter, motivated souls either the app or the 5-step process are enough. For others, assistance, like that provided by a Life Coach, a personal trainer of sorts, can be just the boost needed to push them over that fine line between bumbling through the exercises for the first time, potentially confused, awkward & unconfident into easing through them with clarity, confidence & finesse.

How many self-help products do you have sitting on your shelves or hard drives, bought, begun but never completed?

While we did our best to make the simple exercises in our products, easy for you, sometimes we just need those little tweaks & adjustments that only a trained eye or ear can notice & share with us.


Often, Change is Not Instant

And sometimes, when it seems we’ve been waiting way too long for those long desired results to manifest, a skilled compassionate yet credible, been-there, done-that ear & voice of expertise can be just what we need to get us through those final pushes to the “finish line”: the passion, companionship & intimacy of the love of your life, in your life!


The Difference That Makes a Difference

This difference that a coach can make to success & results really became clear to me following a major surgery – Total Hip Replacement surgery (a.k.a. THR). A trained, skilled & experienced Physical Therapist evaluated my gate, my posture & X-Rays to see clearly the bad habits that I was completely unaware that I had integrated into how I did everything – unconscious, accommodating habits that contributed to the need for this surgery & if unchanged, insured an inevitable second & eventually knee surgery & so on! Best of all, most valuable & most useful of all for me, she provided me with instructions, encouragement, feedback & even more encouragement to persist through the confusing & sometimes grueling labor of replacing those bad habits with good ones so that: 1. I potentially will not need additional surgery(s) & 2. Greatly improve the quality of my life experience – inreased range of motion & minimize if not eliminate PAIN!

Similarly, trained & certified Life Change Life Coaches provide our clients with expert insight, guidance, feedback, as well as that all important encouragement to persist, from beginning to manifestation of desired results: passion, companionship & intimacy of the love of your life, in your life!


Life’s Big Gotcha – Conscious & Unconscious Mind Disagreement

Anybody who has ever had their heart broken or even witnessed those effects on a loved one’s life very likely has wounds & scars buried in their unconscious mind. Like me with the THR thing; I had two bad accidents that injured, wounded & scarred my pelvis & hip. To protect me from further injury, my body, of its own accord, caused a calcium build-up to strengthen, fortify & protect the injured area – this build-up “impinged” my hip which restricted my movement (an unintended side effect of my well-intentioned body I’m sure). Another side effect was a “bone spur” in the shape of a hook that caused serious pain to my hip flexor every time I lifted my leg “too high”. And finally, yet another side effect was that to avoid pain, I unconsciously & completely without awareness, adjusted how I stood, stepped, walked, moved, held myself, sat… And, if you live with the wounds & scars of a broken heart you do something very similar.

Consciously, you long for, hunger for, truly want the joys & pleasures of a soulmate relationship BUT your unconscious mind, filled with memories & observations of pain, sorrow & suffering says NO WAY – soulmate relationships are unsafe; soulmate relationships hurt! Then, unconsciously, energetically you develop behaviors & attitudes that repel, sabotage yet validate, justify & confirm the beliefs you formed. You are most likely completely unaware that these judgments or beliefs exist and/or that they led to unconscious, accommodating habits & behaviors that prevent you from enjoying a meaningful, fulfilling & loving soulmate relationship. Those negative beliefs must be surfaced, acknowledged & consciously changed for you to attract & enjoy your ideal soulmate relationship – a good clean-out, clean-up of the unconscious so that it agrees with your conscious mind! Life Change’s Belief Change & Karma Change exercises help you do identify & change those hidden saboteurs & barriers; Life Change Coaches support & enable your efforts with our exercises.


The Ultimate Success Secret!

Athletes have long known & leveraged the power of a personal coach/personal trainer, to accelerate their skill development & improve performance. While not an athlete, I first gained awareness & need for this type of coach/trainer when practicing Yoga. The contrast in accuracy & results from the postures performed, between what I experienced in a “live class” & those Yoga postures I performed alone, while following a DVD instructor, proved a huge difference – live instructors see what you do, notice those little or not so little imperfect things we do that sabotage success & diminish or delay desired results; then, adjust & correct us. With coaching I performed better & experienced much better results, faster!

Executives, celebrities & entertainers, as well as many entrepreneurs are well aware of a personal coach as their ultimate success secret. Today, many, if not most, improve, enhance & expand their professional skills hiring their own version of success coaches. Now you, too, at affordable prices, can leverage the ultimate valuable success secret of your very own personal Life Coach, trained & certified to help you:

  • Identify what you truly want in a soulmate: minimize or eliminate the “be careful what you ask for ‘gotcha’”
  • Identify & blast through limiting & barrier beliefs that tend to produce repelling &/or sabotaging energy & behaviors
  • Transform feelings of frustration, hopelessness & despair into energy for positive, constructive & laser beam-like focused action
  • Increase your chances & virtually insure that you attract and enjoy the soulmate relationship of your hopes & dreams


Soulmate Coaching Can Change Your Life!

  • Know with absolute certainty what you want in a soulmate relationship
  • Activate the Law of Attraction to get what you want in a soulmate relationship
  • Learn how to transform the pain of a broken heart into a gift
  • Receive encouragement and “technical support” as you move through this life changing, love transforming experience
  • Discover and blast through limiting and barrier beliefs that sabotage and block your true love soulmate

You will learn…

  • Simple, Proven Effective, Life Changing Step by Step Exercises
  • That are Proven To Be Effective
  • That Will Positively Change Your Life!


Leveraging The Ultimate Success Secret Has Just Become Affordable!

The Life Change Coaching Program…1 Hour Life Coaching Session, either by phone, in-person, or by email for only $200 USD…but for a limited time only I am offering…

Option #1 3 1-hour Life Coach sessions, either by phone, in-person or email for only $159


Option #2 9 1-hour Life Coach sessions, either by phone, in-person or email for only $430


Or even better…

Option #3 The semi-annual Life Change Retreat…3-day/2-night, all inclusive retreat & intensive workshop. You will be trained in this process from beginning to end, and the 5 Step soulmate process will be refined, clarified, and solidified and then the 10-step belief change process completed. All this for only $2,400

Act Now And You Also Get The Following Bonuses!

  • Complimentary one hour initial consultation phone call
  • Free ebook download of the inspirational & popular bestseller Life & Love Extraordinaire
  • Free ebook download of the powerful Belief Change – The Book with its 10 step BCE

With Life Change Programs you will find yourself singing the old tune, “happy days are here again…” …and, when you reach your personal “finish line” you will find a whole new “beginning”!


What Makes Life Change Different Than Other Coaching Programs?

Coaching has become a million dollar industry. Everybody has a coaching program for just about anything. But, many seem more concerned about making the almighty dollar than about making a difference for their client. At Life Change, making a profound constructive difference for our clients is our mission and purpose. At Life Change, we believe in fair exchange providing you a quality, effective product in exchange for a fair and reasonable fee – selling you on a “high priced program” is not our goal. Additionally, we will not begin “upselling” you the minute you become our client; at Life Change, we take your confidence in us seriously and are glad to prove our value through success, at whatever level you join us, before inviting you to consider another service. Also, while it is true that you own responsibility for completing assignments, contacting your coach, participating at a level that contributes to success, our coaches are committed to doing their part to facilitate your success and reach out to help you within the guidelines of their role. You can depend on your Life Change coach to adhere to a code that requires them to be respectful, reliable, maintain confidentiality and the highest integrity.

Obviously, there is no risk involved and potentially everything to gain! Just join me and prove to yourself that the process works!

There’s nothing more to say except try it out for yourself. The investment is small compared to the miraculous return on your effort and investment.